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Agrousadʹba "Shlyakhetskaja okolica"

Agrousadʹba "Shlyakhetskaja okolica"
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derevnya Rodevichi, d.2

This route did not arise on its own, but appeared as part of yet another Grodno destination called the Northern Vector of the Grodno Region. In addition, it was on this territory that many material evidence of the former life of the gentry was preserved. So there are more than enough facilities for the new route. The tour can include, for example, Krevo - it is 20 kilometers away, Boruny with its unique church, Dougie Struve point, an old Jewish cemetery, etc. It is possible to organize family vacations with children, outdoor activities, and holding holidays in a large hall for Reception of guests (up to 120 people). Varikish Alexander

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