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Agriturismo "KANASHOVA HUT"

Agriturismo "KANASHOVA HUT"
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Gorani village, 40 (Vishnevsky s / s)
The estate "Kanashova hut" is located in one of the most picturesque places of the National Park "Narochansky" on the shore of Lake Svir. The estate is surrounded by centuries-old pine trees. The descent to the lake is tiled and with cobblestone. At any time of the year and in any weather, our guests can enjoy beautiful landscapes, clean air, birdsong. The two-story house has two bedrooms, a fireplace room and a kitchen. All rooms of the estate are upholstered with pine lining. There is a bathroom and shower. On the estate there is an excellent bathhouse, a cozy gazebo and a place for barbecue. The owner of the estate organizes fishing and hunting. There is an opportunity for corporate relaxation and celebrations, as well as for families with children.

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10 PLN
7 — 23°C
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)