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Hostel "Sarmatia"

Hostel "Sarmatia"
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Address: Grodno, Karl Marx street,11
Opening hours
: around the clock

Hostel "Sarmatia" is located in the city of Grodno. It offers hour front Desk, shared kitchen,equipped with utensils,toaster,microwave ,fridge,freezer .Free Wi-Fi throughout. There is a safe.Guests can relax in the shared lounge, equipped with flat screen TV. Rooms 4,6,10 local.Warm and cozy.Three shower rooms with a Hairdryer ,bathrooms with toiletries ,a shower gel,soap and toilet paper.All rooms have lockers with keys.Beds with orthopedic mattresses,blankets from sheep's wool,hypoallergenic pillows, bath towels.iron,Ironing Board.Sarmatia hostel welcomes guests from December 19. 2017.Druskininkai is located 39 km from the Hostel "Sarmatia". The village "Smithy the Bialystok" located 24 km from the Hostel "Sarmatia"

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10 PLN
8 — 17°C


220V / 50 Hz

+03:00 (Europe/Moscow)