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Four states of the Kalozha church, fabulous Grodno and a great deal of strawberry. We are going to a new exhibition

      There rather haven't been so many paintings with a view of Grodno in one place yet. “The life and soul of the city are in these pictures”, – marked the head of the Culture Department of City Executive Committee Alexander Vaitulianis during an exhibition opening in the gallery on Ozheshko street. The authors of works are talented painters, participants of plein air painting “Grodno the road crossing”. These are Grodno residents Alexander Silvanovich and Victoria Ilyina, the guests, Belarusian painters Alexander Grishkevich, Natalia Shapovalova, Kastus Kachan, Vlad Kontsedalov, Vasily Zenko, Vladimir Carikovich, Natalia Kaminskaya. Famous Lithuanian author Arunas Vaitkus used a chance to come to Grodno without visa processing.

     For ten days they have been being got inspired by our city and its surroundings, have been communicating, having a rest and working hard. They worked so productively, that it was decided to give the exhibition by results of plein, which was originally planned in a new cultural center “Festivalny”, in the gallery on Ozhesko street – the biggest exhibition hall in the city. Otherwise, guests would have seen only a small part of created works.

     Ten authors represent ten extraordinary views and impressions of Grodno and Karolino, where participants of plein traditionally live. Curiously, almost every time artworks have common motifs and objects. Last time, for example, there were plenty of horses. This time – a great deal of strawberry. There were also many pictures of Grodno, the most beautiful Belarussian city, as many guests said. And it makes the exhibition especially cordial, because guests invariably recognize streets and temples, that are painted sometimes from the most unexpected angles and in very different styles and techniques.

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