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Without visa and by motor home. Thirty-thousandth visa-free tourist was met in Grodno

There is Finn Timal Lomperi at the wheel of the “house on wheels”. He came to our city with wife Tatyana and three sons. Big family do not imagine themselves without traveling. It took 20 hours to get to Grodno from Finnish city Kouvola. They had to cover the distance of one and a half thousand kilometers and cross four borders. But Timal says it was worth it: they are in their favorite Belarusian city, visiting relatives. Moreover, as anniversary visa-free tourists they are welcomed by the Chairman of Grodno City Executive Committee Myacheslav Goy.

We are glad to greet you in Grodno. It is a beautiful old city and we sincerely hope that you will have interesting and cognitive holidays. Next time take your friends, acquaintances along. We always welcome guests, marked Myacheslav Goy.

Mayor gave the Lomperi family souvenirs and asked about their wishes.

I would like to see an area for motor homes in Grodno. Finns like to travel around the world on such transport very much. This tourism trend is developed throughout Europe, – says Tatyana.

According to Myacheslav Goy, the first parking just for motor homes will appear in autumn near Lake Yubileynoye. According to plan, in future there will be eight parking places in the city and in the suburbs. Other good news for tourists: in prospect, water taxi, that has recently started to ply along Neman, will connect Grodno with Druskininkai.

The Lomperi family comes to our city third time. Tatyana is from Belarus, her brother Pavel lives in Grodno. At the same time, he is “guide”. The Lomperi family already know all main city attractions. They are planning to visit a church and cabinet of curiosities.

We are glad that visa-free period increased from five to ten days. Now we can see yet more and spend more time with relatives, – says Tatyana.

She lives in Finland almost twenty years. She acquainted with Timal by correspondence. He saw her in the mutual friends’ photo and fell in love. He came for her in Belarus and they got married. There are five sons in the Lomperi family. Tatyana works in service sector, Timal takes care of the house.

Grodno makes only the best impressions. We will come here not one time, – says the head of the family.

He is a fan of motorhome travel, collects thematic icons and stripes. He demonstrated part of them on his headdress.

“Grodzenskaya prawda”

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