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“Marine Festival” to be held on the Awgustow Canal for the first time

Creative, musical and sport events will be held on the Dabrowka Watergate on 12th August. They will be open for everyone.

“Marine Festival” – is the historic reconstruction of the vast celebration, held in times of the Stephan Bathory on the riverbank of Nieman.

On this day guests will try themselves in various sport events, new ones and already known. This year random boat rowing and mud soccer well be organized within the “Marine Festival”. As it has been before, teams of institutions, enterprises and educational establishments will take part in the festival. “Neptune Cup” in beach volleyball will be also organized.

A lot if activities will e also available for youngsters and teens. There will be trampolines, amusements and games on the each for kids.

The exhibition of handcraft of Ethnography, Folklore and Handcraft Department of Grodno Region Cultural and Information Center to be present at the festival, as well, as workshops on making paper boats, amulet puppets, straw puppets, decorative postcards and salty dough sculpture coloring.

Outside catering and performances of Grodno creative collectives will be available all day. 
10 PLN
3 — 12°C
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)