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Traveling for health

Algimantas Vasilauskas from Lithuania is not a beginner in the tourist business . In Marijampolė he has his own travel agency and more than fifteen years he organizes fascinating tours for his countrymen around the world.
"Due to the expansion of the visa-free regime, the sanatoriums Ozerny, Porechye, Neman-72 and Zhemchuzhina have become available to the tourists," says Algimantas Vasilauskas. - I thought, why not invite Lithuanian citizens to heal in the Belarusian sanatoriums. Moreover, we have heard about the high quality of medical services provided by your health resorts.

Before offering medical rehabilitation to fellow countrymen, Algimantas decided with his own eyes to see how this works.
- Everyone were satisfied with all seen. The possibilities of the sanatorium impressed us: you have an excellent medical base. For ten days you can complete a full course of rehabilitation, rehabilitation procedures. Comfortable residential buildings, excellent dining room, there is a swimming pool and water park.
- We already have experience in servicing foreign tourists from Russia, Poland, Lithuania. Many rest at us every year. The sanatorium offers over a hundred medical procedures. Information on these foreign tourists can be found on the health resort's website, - noted manager for tourism of the sanatorium "Ozerny" Mikhail Kazhuro.
10 PLN
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Scattered Showers
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