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In Grodno, permanent pavilions for artisans are to be built

As the Head of the Department of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of the Grodno City Executive Committee Andrei Yaroshevich informed. 

A unique city of masters - pavilions for the constant trade of handicrafts, souvenirs - will appear literally a few steps from the Sovetskaya street in Grodno. They will be located on the site near the regional methodical center of folk art. 
The active tourist season will begin in April. Artisans will be offered to sell their work not only on weekends, but also on weekdays. It is expected that the flow of foreign tourists in Grodno will increase. Visa-free regime will contribute to this, allowing tourists without a visa for up to 10 days to visit Grodno and the surrounding area. Since early 2018, more than 5 thousand foreigners have already used this opportunity.

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