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The motor ship "Nieman" opened the season on the Awgustow Canal

Premier walking tour was sold out. The first tourists who admired the beauties of the Awgustow Canal from the deck of the ship were visa-free travelers from Lithuania.

Walking on the boat was one of the most popular entertainment in the past season. Interest in lovers of water excursions has not died down this year: all Saturdays before the end of October have already been painted. Hrodna travel companies took care of the leisure of foreign tourists in advance. In the walk, the sluicing is necessarily included - it is this episode of the excursion that causes the tourists the greatest delight.

The ship on the Awgustow Сanal runs daily from morning till late evening. The vessel has a capacity of 50 people. And individual tourists and travelers with children can join the excursion groups. Places on the open deck and in the passenger compartment are enough for everyone.