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Pedestrian and bicycle tourist route "Stories of Danyushevo"

Pedestrian and bicycle tourist route "Stories of Danyushevo"
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Weekend hike along the river Viliya by kayaks and / or by boat NL-30.

The route starts from the village of Voinidenyaty. The picturesque "middle" course of the Viliya River begins from the village of Danyushevo. The banks, overgrown with pine forest, gradually rush upward, large stones appear in the channel, rapids are encountered. Travelers will have a leisurely movement along the river, rest in beautiful places, an excursion to the church in the village of Danyushevo and stories about the history of the place, a stop at the Pryvitalny threshold, a visit to the stone of 1917, an excursion around the town of Zhodishki with a visit to a water mill.

Distance: 20 km, 1 walking day, 6-9 hours.

Food points: agriturismo "Mara"

Accommodation points: agriturismo "Viales"

Cost: 80 Bel. rub. from the group

Contacts: +375 29 960-53-13

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