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piątek, 04 czerwiec 2021 15:00

The Festival of National Cultures 2021


The most beautiful and the brightest tradition which exists in the city on the Neman River is the Republican Festival of National Cultures.

Once in two years the Republican Festival of National Cultures takes place in Grodno. This holiday is a folk rainbow. It unites people by the noble idea of kindness and peace, by the eager desire to share the treasures of the national art, to touch the innermost sources of it again and again.

The citizens of Grodno love this holiday very much. They prepare hard for it and give guests a hearty welcome. During the festival the streets of our city are festively decorated and crowded. Various music areas, national yards presenting traditional rituals and national cuisine, craftsmen’s exhibitions – all these things are possible to see and hear once in two years in the city of Grodno. Talented craftsmen, fabulous patterns of traditional arts and crafts and national culture open a part of people’s soul to us.

During the festival Grodno is filled with the music of different peoples, which is followed by choreographic performances that are always beautiful and original. The art of different nationalities is the way to accustom ourselves to the folk wisdom, to enrich our spiritual world and to accept art traditions of different peoples.

Every year the holiday surprises with its richness, variety, uniqueness, discoveries and new original ideas.

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  • Event data start: piątek, 04 czerwiec 2021 15:00
  • Event data end: sobota, 05 czerwiec 2021 03:00

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