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Monday, 25 March 2019 15:50

Regional Exhibition-Contest "Vyalikodny Padarunak"

Regional Exhibition-Contest of Decorative and Applied Art "Vyalikodny Padarunak" (Grodno)
Regional exhibition-contest will be held on the eve of the celebration of Catholic and Orthodox Easter. The main objective of the exhibition-competition is the revival, preservation and development of traditional arts and crafts in the regions of the Grodno region, the accession of the general public to the traditional culture of the region, the popularization of the elements of the intangible cultural heritage of Grodno region.
Participants of the exhibition-contest will be masters of folk art of regional houses (centers) of crafts, departments of traditional culture of regional centers of culture and folk art, craftsmen, carriers of the non-material cultural heritage of Grodno region.
Тел.: +375 152 740448
5.03 velikod podarok

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