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Saturday, 16 March 2019 16:25

Open athletics competitions "Grodno Spring"

Open athletics competitions of the Grodno region "Grodno Spring" in hour, 12-minute run (test Cooper) and 6-minute run (Grodno, Kommunalnayast. 3a, CSK "Neman")
Competitions are personal-team.
The team championship involves teams of cities and districts, running amateur clubs, organizations and educational institutions of the Grodno region, the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries. Athletes, runners and all comers participate in the individual championship.
Participants compete in team events (one-hour run), in the overall standings (one-hour run) and by age groups (hour, 12-minute run, 6-minute run).
The composition of the team in an hour race: 3 people, including 2 men and 1 woman. The number of teams from districts, cities, organizations, institutions, running clubs is not limited.
In the 12-minute (Cooper test) and 6-minute run, only personal competitions are held.
Tel.: +375 152 77 28 77
16 03 grodn vesna

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