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Saturday, 22 August 2020 15:00

The celebration «Annensky Kirmash» ( Zelva)

Zelva, Grodno region
Zelva, Grodno region

A unique cultural event will be at the end of August in Zelva. It’s  a traditional local festival - "Annensky Kirmash". This festival is associated with St. Ann’s day.  The idea of holding a fair was born in the 18th century, when merchants and artisans from all over the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth  and European countries gathered in Zelva. Many original competitions will be held during the event this year. At the end of the event the winners will be selected in the following nominations: "The best design of a balcony", "The best costume", "The best photos and videos of the holiday", "The most delicious loaf",  "The most colourful yard", "The most beautiful horse cart", etc. The bright accent of the holiday program is the agricultural exhibitions, areas for small business presentation. Everyone can buy original souvenirs at the fair. Amateur creative collectives and famous singers will please the public with brilliant concerts. 

Tel.: +375 0156 471002, +375 0156 424531, GUK «The center of culture and folk art in Zelva»

Additional Info

  • EVENTDATEBEGIN: Saturday, 22 August 2020 15:00
  • EVENTDATEEND: Sunday, 23 August 2020 02:00

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