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Saturday, 04 June 2022 03:00

Milk holiday «Milk rivers»

Krivichi, Zelva district
Krivichi, Zelva district

Milk festival "Milk rivers" in  Krivichi is dedicated to World Milk Day, which is traditionally celebrated on June 1.  Everyone will be able to try cheese, homemade yogurt, a whey drink and delicious cottage cheese pastries at a tasting platform for dairy products, visit the photo exhibition "Know Me Mistress", a book exhibition about pets.  The event will host the celebration of the best owners of milk delivery in the nominations: : «The largest number of litres of milk handed over», «The highest fat content of milk», «The highest milk yield per cow» winners will be awarded diplomas and cash prizes. There is a playground for children where you can jump on an inflatable slide, take part in a drawing contest, take a picture against the backdrop of a “tractor-scene” and with growth dolls - cows.

 The holiday will end with funny songs and dances.

Additional Info

  • EVENTDATEBEGIN: Saturday, 04 June 2022 03:00
  • EVENTDATEEND: Saturday, 04 June 2022 03:00

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