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Agrosteads Staraya Ves

Agrosteads Staraya Ves
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+375 (29) 316-92-91
Zelva district, Voronichi, 19

Owners: Sergei and Liliya Mikanovich. At the same time, it provides several types of services in the field of agroecotourism. On the one hand, it is a real museum of beekeeping and insects, on the other - a stead, where visitors receive a full range of services for recreation, accommodation and meals. Museum of insects and beekeeping  was opened on September 7th, 2006, it consists of three expositions. There is a shower, WC, hot water, as well as a shower and WC in the yard. 5 persons can comfortably be  accommodated in the  house. – There is a summer guest house  in the  garden for 2 persons. If necessary, several single beds can be put. There is enough space in the yard for camping. Meals: can be cooked self or on request  Near the house there is a canopy with two portable tables and barbecue. There are three bicycles, including one mountain bike. An excellent mushroom and berry mixed forest is near the village. It is 5 km to Zelva Reservoir, and 3.5 km to the nearest ponds. The terrain is good for skiing in winter.

wi-fi, Parking.

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