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Agriturismo "Novoselki neman"

Mostovsky district, Novoselki village, ul. May 1, 5a

For 12 years now, the employees of the Novosyolki nad Nyoman estate have been trying to make your vacation unforgettable. Each employee - from the owner to the maid - works for guests, for your cozy and unforgettable vacation. Over the years, we equipped the estate with decorative plants, created fountains, artificial ponds, searched for antiques. To emphasize the picturesqueness of this corner and make your stay as comfortable and varied as possible. We found the real masters of furnace business. It was they who created the simply fabulous Russian stove for the gazebo-kitchen and the stone barbecue stove. The Belarusian color is supported by an exclusive arbor made of old wheels, as well as a powerful oak arbor, which can easily accommodate a large company. A table can accommodate 20 people. The museum of culture was located on the estate’s territory, which brought together a collection of antiquities: wooden wheels, sleighs, chaise, chests, suitcases, samovars and much more. Many of our young guests saw these objects only in pictures. A special highlight of the estate is that we are located on the first coastline - on the bend of the Neman River, which is called the "Red Beach". From any point of the estate, a gorgeous panorama of the Neman River, mast pines and unusually bright sands of the "Red Bank" opens.

We share with the guests the dearest that we have - our nature, our history, our love.


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