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Peasant farm "Recreation center "Uyut"

Peasant farm "Recreation center "Uyut"
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Mostovsky district, village Aleshavichi, 17

Recreation center "Uyut" invites you to spend your time alone with nature. Having secluded yourself among this beauty and grace, breathing in this purity and grace, breathing in this clean, fresh air, you will feel free and happy.

You can relax, sitting on the shore with a fishing rod - carp, grass carp, silver carp and pike are grown in manor lakes. You can cook a magnificent fish soup on a fire, or make a barbecue on the grill, fry freshly caught fish. You will be impressed by the unique interior of the holiday house. All furniture is handmade, made to order from natural wood. A real Russian stove will warm you even in the most severe frost and create a feeling of comfort and peace of mind. For those who can not imagine relaxation without relaxing the whole body bath procedures, the estate has an exclusive bathhouse.

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10 PLN
9 — 17°C
небольшой дождь
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)