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Agrousad'ba "Gol'shanskaya gmina"

Agrousad'ba "Gol'shanskaya gmina"
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agrogorodok Gol

Family holidays with children, outdoor activities, educational excursions, organization of tourist routes (visiting historical places with a guided tour), organization of holidays and evenings, Comfortable accommodation (accommodate up to 30 people at a time), meals, outdoor recreation, organize fishing trips. In the village of Golshany, you can visit the wonderful architectural ensemble of the Franciscan monastery with the church of St. John the Baptist (XVII - XVIII centuries).
   See the ruins of the former Sapieha Castle with fragments of defensive structures (XVI - XVII; XVIII - XX centuries), in which, according to the writer Vladimir Karatkevich, the spirit of a lady with a black monk is in the air.
   Touch the relics of the righteous Julian Golshanskaya in the St. Gergiev Church (1901), see the monument in honor of Sophia Golshanskaya - the ancestor of the Jagiellon dynasty. Voitekhovsky Petr Vatslavovich.


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