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Walking route "PATH OF WAR"

 Walking route "PATH OF WAR"
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Length of the route: 25 km. Duration: 2.5 hours Group composition: mass audience Itinerary: 1. Museum of History and Local Lore of Smorgon (Smargonski Historyka-Krayaznaўchy Museum of Adoption Svaym Gascyam Prices for the Exhibition "Darogai Sustrech" and Akunuzza ў Histarichnae Minuchya M. and then the foreshadowed forest ON to dogіya stagoddzі. Darogi kirmashovyya gasssey and history of the city of Smargon - at the minuscule prince Zyanovicha, magnate Radzivila and count Pshazdzetskikh. It was noisy and crowded at Smargonskiy kirmas: scamarokhs, Myadzvedzi, lyalechny teatr, gazadynya abaranachnitsa with the traditional Smargon abaranks. To the "Dead Gorads" Pahstan Smargon at the reptile Pershai Susvetnay vines. Here, the fugitives of the saldat, ab vyprabavannyah, fell to the lot of the refugees Smargonshchyny, the absent-minded "battalion of the dead" of the great-grandparshchyk M. Bachkarovai. Photographs and documents of the grandparents geraism and the fearsome partyzan, padpolschyk and world zhykharos Smargonshchyny and the bastards Vyalikay Aichynnai vainy. Adchuts the light of the jumper can be dzyakuchi to the knowledge of the creativity of our fellow countrymenў) 2. Above the memorial complex "Pa lnii supratsstayannya ў First dusvet vaina 1915-1917 gady ў Smargoni" and historical cultural center of the complex under the covered skies "Zalata gorka" 3. d. Khodaki (ab'ects of the fonts of the German). Food points: cafe "Together", restaurant "Viliya". Accommodation points: hotel "Smorgon". Price: 2 BYN from each participant of the route (group of 25 people). Contact details: 801592 3-88-49, 4-69-73

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