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Walking and cycling Green tourist route "Secrets of the boulders of the Smorgon land"

Walking and cycling Green tourist route "Secrets of the boulders of the Smorgon land"
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The tourist route introduces the geological natural monuments of republican and local significance, objects of sacred geography (revered natural sites), as well as monuments of historical and cultural heritage along the way. Route type: bicycle or car with pedestrian exits to the objects. Duration: 5 hours Length: 60 km

The starting and ending point, along with the order of the sequence, can be adjusted depending on the location of the tourist (Smorgon, agro-estates of the cluster). Route and objects of visit: Smorgon (beginning) - v. Sutkovo (“Sutkovsky big stone” / “Stone-thief”) - v. Krevo (stone with a carved cross at the foot of the Krev settlement; settlement; “Big stone”; Yuryeva Gora; the ruins of the Krevsky castle; a guard stone installed against the cholera epidemic in 1871) - the village of Asany ("Big Stone") - the village of Poltorovshchina ("Big Stone") - the village of Voinevichi ("Devil's Stone") - the village of Zalesye (the estate of M. Oginsky, memorial stones in the park) - the village of Mikhnevichi (signs on the stones in the fence of the Intercession Church) - the village of Belaya (monuments to the World Wars, stone "Asilak") - Smorgon (completion).

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