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  • Climate and time zone

    The climate of Grodno is moderately continental with the prevalent influence of air masses, which are brought by the system of cyclones-anticyclones from the Atlantic Ocean. The climate of Grodno is also influenced by the intercontinental air masses.

  • Currency

    Belarusian ruble (BYN) – is a national currency of the Republic of Belarus, is not freely convertible, that’s why it can’t be bought before arrival to the country.

  • Insurance

    State Insurance Company «EXIMGARANT of BELARUS»

    Address: Checkpoint across the state border: Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Byalostotska); Privalka (Raygardas)

    call us: +375 29 5 888 010; +375 152 60 83 41

  • TAX FREE in Belarus

    System of tax refund to foreign citizens from purchases. additional information about the Tax Free system is available on the official website www.tax—free.by

  • 电话通信

    Intercity calls across Belarus:
    8 + city code + phone number

  • Minsk Card

    Minsk Card is an electronic key to the most attractive sights of Belaurs. For citizens who come to Belarus without a visa, we have prepared a Minsk Card for the visa-free zone: Grodno and Brest . More than 150 objects on the territory of these cities. Your card is active for 1 year.
    Free access or discounts to museums and excursions, art galleries. Discounts of up to 30% in restaurants, cafes, and stores. Discounts of up to 30% in hotels and farmsteads, car and bicycle rentals.

    With it, you have fun, eat in best restaurnts, live in hotels with discounts and nice bonuses. Museums, complexes, exhibitions, shops, restaurants, hotels-everywhere you get a discount from 30 to 50%.

    And for guests with a visa, we have a wide range of cards. If you come to get acquainted with Belarus and you have a visa, you aim to learn as much as possible about the capital and other cities-the Guest Card will make this acquaintance unforgettable.

    You can read more about the project on the website – minskpass.by.

    The card can be purchased online or on our website. Or in the cities of the visa-free zone:

    Cafe-bar "Legend" - Grodno region, Novogrudok, Pochtovaya str., 1

    Tourist complex "Brest-Intourist" - 224030, Republic of Belarus, Brest, Masherova Ave., 15
    Telephone: 8 0162 20 10 71
    Tourist information center-Grodno region, Korelichsky district, Mir, September Avenue 17, 13


10 PLN
11 — 23°C
небольшая облачность
220V / 50 Hz
+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)