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TAX FREE in Belarus

TAX FREE in Belarus
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Tax Free is a system of tax refund to foreign citizens, (except for the countries of the EEU) for the goods purchased at the trading site, when exporting it outside the Republic of Belarus.
To use the service you will need:
Receive a receipt form
When paying for purchases, contact the store employee for issuing Tax Free receipt. For its registration, you will need a passport or another document replacing it. Tax Free receipt is made by the store employee in triplicate, it remains for you to verify the correctness of filling it.
Incorrectly filled Tax Free receipt - refusal to receive a refund
Have it stamped
When passing customs control, present the goods you purchased in an undamaged package and issued a fileed Tax Free receipt for obtaining customs seal.
Customs control can be completed within 3 months from the date of purchase.
Lack of customs seal - refusal to receive a refund
Send envelope
Put the Tax Free receipt (First copy) in a special envelope received in the store. Put the envelope in a special box at the customs clearance point or mail it free of charge from the territory of any state.
You can send the envelope within 6 months after the goods are exported.
Attentively and legibly indicate the number and validity of the bank card. The number of the bank card consists of 16 digits, you do not need to specify the settlement account.
Reimbursement is possible only on bank cards Visa and MasterCard, issued for a foreigner.
Incorrectly filled in information about the bank card - refusal to receive a refund.
After receiving your letter within 30 days, you will be transferred money to the specified bank card.
More details with the list of stores and get more information about the Tax Free system can be reached by phone:+375172597592    

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