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星期一, 22 7月 2019 11:30

Events in branch №2 "Heritage Center"

Grodno, Reimont Str., 12

Exhibitions and events in branch №2 "Heritage Center" State Institution “Grodno City Cultural Center” (Reimont Str., 12)
(daily, Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm)

Thematic exhibitions, master classes, exhibitions of craftsmen’s works, as well as permanent exhibitions of medieval knight armor, a permanent exhibition of modern and folk art are waiting for you.

Follow posters and more detailed information on this website: http://ckg.by

In social networks groups:

Contact phone numbers on issues regarding organization and participation:

+ 375 152 72 06 94

(Department of Culture of the City Executive Committee, Grodno, Lenin Square, 2/1), 
+ 375 152 68 38 23, + 375 152 68 38 21
(Branch №2 "Heritage Center" of State Institution «Grodno City Cultural Center» (Grodno, Reimont Str., 12)
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* It’s possible to attend the center on weekends too, provided a prior agreement is made. Contact phone numbers are indicated above

Additional Info

  • Event data start: 星期一, 22 7月 2019
  • Event data end: 星期一, 22 7月 2019

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