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Manor Domeiko

Manor Domeiko
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Dyatlovsky district, village Zhibortovshchina

A kilometer from the city of Dyatlovo in the direction of Lida is the estate of Zhibortovshchina, in which the famous scientist, ethnographer and geologist, the founder of science in Chile, the national hero of this country Ignatius Ippolitovich Domeyko lived with his uncle Leo Domeyko and his aunt Anna Domeyko for about 6 years.

Fortunately, the estate building has survived to the present day. Earlier, the medical department of the Dyatlovsky district hospital was located here, and people suffering from alcohol addiction were treated here. It was not possible to enter the estate, as there is a lock on the door. The ceiling of the basement is made in the form of red brick arches, which is very characteristic of the basement of old estates. In the walls of the basement there are cavity-shelves on which wines and brandies of 100-year exposure are presented. The steps to the main entrance were overgrown with grass and for a long time did not feel a solid human step. From the back, the estate is slowly covered with greenery, as if hiding from the eyes of men. On the right side of the estate, at the very base there is a commemorative notch “1819 R”, and below “Ignacy Domeyko”.


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