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Church Of St. Michael The Archangel

Church Of St. Michael The Archangel
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Grodno region, Svisloch district, g. p. Porozovo lane. Lenina,13

Monument of architecture of late classicism. The Church was built in 1825-1828. The building is rectangular in plan, covered with a gable roof. The main facade is completed with a triangular pediment with a head. The walls are made of hewn stone. Pilasters on the facades, rectangular framing of window openings, frieze, cornice, pediment of the main facade is made of brick, plastered. The interior is dusty, the ceiling is flat and wooden. Along the West wall of the choir. Carved altars, pulpit, polychrome wooden sculpture (XVIII century) are typical examples of folk monumental and decorative art. In nadbramna of the bell tower there is a bell with a story engraved, cast in 1749 The Church works.


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