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The building of the former gymnasium, 1827

The building of the former gymnasium, 1827
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Grodno region, Svisloch, Dzerzhinskogo st., 3

Svisloch gymnasium is one of the 8 secondary educational institutions opened in Belarus and Lithuania according to the plan of education of the Vilna school district, developed by the management of Vilnius University, headed by the rector Jan Snedetsky. Founded in 1804. as the Grodno provincial academic gymnasium for training young people from the Brest, Pruzhansky, Kobrin, Volkovysk, Slonim and Grodno districts, opened in 1805. One of the buildings of the former gymnasium has been preserved. it was built of brick according to the project of the surveyor of the Vilna University, Jan Shantar, in 1827.
Graduates of the Svisloch gymnasium were: scientist, orientalist, academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences I. Kovalevsky, Professor of the Vilna medical and surgical Academy S. Gorsky, Polish writer Yu. Krashevsky, his brother, also a writer, Koetan, composer and artist N. Orda, organizers and participants of the 1830-1831 uprising L. Zenkovich, R. Sukhodolsky and V. Geltman, leaders of the 1863-1864 uprising K. Kalinovsky and R. Traugutt.
Rectangular in plan, the one-story building is covered with a gable roof. The Western end facade is decorated with a Doric order colonnade with Atika. The interior layout and decor have not been preserved. Currently, The children's Department of the Svisloch Central district hospital IS located here.

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